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Many thanks to Sam's Friends!

Sam’s Race for a Place is grateful for the generous support from our friends. Their contributions of funds, time, talent and energy will help us improve the daily lives of kids and families who depend on the Ronald McDonald House®. We invite you to become a Sam’s Friend — just send us an email to offer your support.

Danielle and Robert Udolf and family
Eleanor and Leonard Udolf
Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Foundation
The Cheryl Chase and Stuart Bear
Family Foundation, Inc.
Jeffrey Goldenberg and Family
Nancy and Ted Schwartz and family
Elise Udolf Leopold and family
CT Whale / Whalers Sports and Entertainment
Dornenburg | Kallenbach Advertising
Victor Feigenbaum and family
Shara and Jeffrey Lazar and family
Janet and Gerald Lazar
Linda and Jeff Lennox and family
Joyce and Andy Mandell - Data-Mail, Inc.
Louise and Vince Camuto
Tien Tien and Chris Fry and family
Jesse Itzler-Marquis Jet Partners
Suzanne Bubrosky and family
Jarden Corporation - Julie and Martin Franklin
Tarik and Heidi Ergin
Jessica L. Enxuto - Otis Elevator Company
The Butler Family
Greg Telleri
Ilene and Jeff Nathan
Rebecca and Jeffrey Azia and family
Ellen and Gary Davis and family
Robbin and Glen Gibson and family
Signature Construction Services
The Angel Foundation
24 Hrs Inc. - Home Restoration Services
Holly Boylan-Flego and Edward Flego and family
HiPoint Heating and Cooling Company
Tyler English Fitness Systems, LLC
The students and faculty at Kingswood Oxford School

Sharon and Joseph Bishop

Marc Abrams
Akua ba Fitness
Ty Adams
Glen Adist
Amy Allen
The Anopolsky Family
Aurora Women and Girls Foundation
Roberta Baker
Jordan Baker
Lily Baker
Gabrielle Baker
Amy and Daniel Baldor
Susan Mary Banks
Bay State Elevator Company
Bendett & McHugh, P.C.
Brenda Berman
Emily Berman
Catherine and Martin Bernoski
Paul Blackmon
Bouvier, Beckwith & Lennox, Inc
Catherine Boyle
Justin Bram
Bricco Restaurant
Brown & Knapp Group Benefits, LLC
David Brown
Michelle and Lewis Brown
Linda S. Blechman Busch
Ken Camello
Brown Rudnick, LLP
Mike Camilleri
Lisa and Robert Cannon
Capital Roofing, LLC
Barbara Carpenter - in memory of William E.Blanchfield
Kimberly C. Charron
Marc Chasse
Dorothy Cichy
Catherine A. Ciccomascolo
The Cohen Family
Ann and Mitchell Cohen
Elona Cokogelo
Reid Collins
Scott Consoli
D Tigue Cook PHD
Ina Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Cope
Kerridan and Michael Crowe
The Crown Supermarket
Marianna De Rosa
Mike DeSantis-Master Technician
Amy and Harris Diamond
Veronica and Steve Dicke
Laura Dolce
Deborah A. Donovan
Patricia Dworak
Tom Dworak
Echo Energy New England
Gail G. Elansky
Natalie and Marti Eras
Elizabeth Brady Esstman
Lauri Every
William P. Fanning, JR
Jean and David Federman
Kathie Fieldman in memory of Sam Fox
Robin and Brian Fierston
Elizabeth Flores
Emily Ford-In memory of Kenneth Joyce
Hilary E. Freedman
A.J. Fusco
Hugo Rasputin Gauto - Ski Coach
Vaiva Gelazauskaite
Geoff, Linda and Mason Geils
Jamie Gelman
Kayla Gervino
Sarah Gianni
Katherine Gianni
Tom Giardini
Alice and Jack Gish
Gitlin, Campise, Pascoe & Blum, LLC
Carey and Jason Glider
Janet and Barry Gold
Gloria Goldenberg
Sharon and Andrew Goldenberg
Robert Goodman
Rebecca and Martin Gould
Diane and Larry Greenfield
Laura and Richard Grondin
Isabel Grondin
Betsey Gunsalus
Mary Grace and Jack Reed
Grant's Restaurant
John Grush – Ski coach
Michael and Megin Haeflich
Ellen and Joshua Hall
Paula Hagopian
Joni Harris
Hartford Glass CO
Bruce Hayes
Hipoint Heating & Cooling, Inc.
The Healey Family, Grant, Karen, Colleen and Kevin
Benjamin and Pamela Heller
Jeff Hettrick, Sherwin-Williams
Highland Park Market
Ellen and Hank Hoffman
Hoffman Enterprises
Paul Hogan
Jennifer Hogan
Bridget Hogan
Tim Horak
Jody Horak
Bill Hunter
Wendy G. Hurlbert
Sage Iawvazzi
Derek Kairney
Toby and Edward Karl
Louise, Todd and Grace Kaufman
Bill Keelan
Miss Kara Kempf in memory of Katherine Laviero
Barbara and Stuart Kessler
Varun Khattar
Kingswood-Oxford Ski Team
Kingswood-Oxford School
Rebecca and Jason Klein
Patricia Kocsondy
Eva Kohn
Carrie Koffman
Rosemary A. Konecky
Doris and Simon Konover Family Foundation
Elissa and Albert Kramer, M.D
Beth Kyle
Lori and Jason Lamay
Jo and Bernard Lapp
Dorothy Laud
Amy and David Lazar
Marcia, Alan, Jesse and Jonah Lazowski
Gleb Leiderman
Megan Lembo
Jerry and Elaine Leshem
Barbara and Ira Levin
Dana Levin
Latifa Lorenzo
Jonathan M. Lowenberg
Matthew Hayward Lynch
The Macca Family
Carol and Glen Mackno
Brooke Mackno
Christine and Seth Mahler
Lisa and Michael Mahoney
Marjam Supply Company
Janice and Evan Marks
Travis Matthew
Mavi Restaurant
McKenna Family
McKeown Family
Sally Melady
Mickey, Jaime, Floe and Jilly
Benjamin Miller
Carolyn Miller
Stacy Moskowitz
Andrea and Paul Moss
Daniel Moss
Genie and Richard Newman
Randi and Michael O'brien
Deborah and Kevin O'connell
Dawn and Jeffrey O’Shaughnessy
Luanne and Mark Paley
Beth Papermaster
Molly Papermaster
Susan and Allen Paperny
Michelle Patehen
Nancy and Robert Pearlman
Richard Peichert
Laurie C. Pels-Roulier
Randi and Michael Pincus
N N Politikos PHD
John Przybylski
Marcus Pugliese
Susan and Jay Putterman
Sharon Park State Farm Agency
Jake Rath
Rebel Fitness
Kammi and Brad Reiss
Nick Rezuke
Elise Rosenstock
Riayn Rosenstock
Hannah Rosenthal
Paul A. Rosow
Alex Roth
Julianne Roth
Kenneth J. Roulier
Phillip M. Rouquie
Patrick Ruiz
Susan and Gerry Sack
Kenneth Sadowsky
Keith Santos - in honor of Maria Santos
Lorraine Schechet
Elizabeth and Neal Schuman - in memory of Jerome Schuman
Mara Schwartz
Nancy Lee Schwartz
Nancy and Milton Schwartz
Remy and Hy Schwartz
Robert Schwartz
Olena and Andriy Serbodryuk
Peter Sheldon
Dana and Chuck Shimkus
Mary Shimkus
William Shipman
The Shoham Family
Ben Shoham
Alex Shvayetsky
Jennifer A. Sicklick
Sign Stop, Inc
The Sitarz Family
William Sloat
Angela and Kurt Small
Toby Smiles
Avi Smith-Rapaport
D’Mario Sowah-Personal Trainer
Francine and Steve Stier
Gina Strano
The Stockman Family
Laura and David Surowiec
Marc Sussman
Stowe Family Practice
Stowe Police Officer Peter Eley
Amy Swords
Taft Ski Team
Judi and Barry Titton
Fiona and David Tolin
W. Lee Osborne Associates, LLC
The Visnic Family
Ali Visconti
Laura and Reinhard VonHollander
Kim Walker
Ben Washburn
Jodi and Brett Wasserlauf
Mickey and Michael Weinstein
Pam and Philip Wertheim
West Hartford Exchange Club Foundation, Inc.
Nicole Wetsman
Christian B. Wiernasz
Carol Witkowski
Ann and Marty Wolinsky
Julie Wolman
Natasha Wolman
Woodcock Refrigeration Co., Inc.
Walt Woodword
Vin Vizzo Adjusters, LLC
Visconti Media Group Incorporated
Ferne and Peter Youmans
Robert Zelman
Howard R. Zern